We believe that harnessing the power of diverse strengths of leaders is vital to the long-term business success of American and global enterprise.

Power, Leadership and Achievement

Professional Development Seminar
for Managers and Professionals

“Over and over again, I see emerging leaders who are well-educated, experienced, hard working and who have all the right stuff. Many are looking for the next catalytic springboard in their careers, while others increasingly are frustrated in their search for the right opportunity in which they can succeed. It is my experience that managers begin making quantum leaps in their careers once they fully understand and master the dynamics of power and leadership. That is why I offer this seminar. I want to give you a blueprint and a set of tools that you can use, again and again, to build a successful career and drive company goals.” - Ronald B. Brown

Power, Leadership and Achievement is the ultimate seminar - a virtual imperative - for determined individuals who desire to accelerate their careers, become recognized leaders in their organizations, and achieve new levels of professional and personal success.

This seminar is a comprehensive, superbly organized course designed to enhance the motivation, performance and productivity of managers and professionals in private and public enterprises. The primary objective is to build working knowledge and give practical skills to master the relationship of power and leadership in organizational life.

Dr. Ron Brown will discuss organizational life - cultural, gender, personal, and professional - that challenge career success, drawing upon his extensive experience coaching and teaching thousands of executives, managers and leaders. There are many professional development courses that teach the fundamentals of leadership, influence and - perhaps - power; but this is the course that brings it all together through the lens of culture and gender.

What You Will Learn

Essential Concepts of Power and Leadership: What is power? What is the importance of power in achieving career success? What is the relationship between power and leadership? What is the core definition of power? What are the critical sources of power and how they can be used to build an effective leadership style? What are the unique cultural and gender challenges in gaining and using power and leadership? What are key elements in the choice to compete for power and leadership opportunities?

Effective Mindsets, Values and Tools: How do leaders articulate vision? What is the nature of organizational politics and how leaders play? What are the essential tools to build power and how to use them? In what ways does culture help or hinder the effective use of power tools? What are effective day-to-day mindsets that sustain personal achievement? How to build and maintain leadership focus? What is the name of the game? What are the rules of the game?

Critical Skills to Gain Power and Leadership: How to build an effective power base. How to gain access to leaders and sustain critical relationships. How to minimize risks in taking personal initiative. How to identify target areas for the competition for leadership and power. How to develop personal strategies for achievement, power and leadership, short term and long term.

Enthusiastic Comments

"Your course on power was the most enlightening and helpful session I've ever taken."
"Thank you for imparting the ability to see clearly for the first time in my professional life."
"I am not comfortable using new-agey jargon like empowerment and paradigms, so I'll keep this simple: Thank you for giving me the "keys to the kingdom."
"You really changed my life and opened my eyes."
"Thank you for your powerful secrets."
"This session helped me to understand the power struggles that are going on around me in the workplace."
"He was funny and provocative."
"He changed my thinking."
"He discussed things that needed to be discussed, including hard-to-face truths."
"Lots of insights and real-life examples helped increase the credibility of the message."
"He was "speaking the truth" regarding how human beings deal with power."
"He gave me the "tools" to get ahead as a political player."
"Dynamic and great communicator"
"Dr. Ron Brown was highly engaging."
"His seminar is key in order to gain advancement in a corporate structure."
"He addressed issues that we are not comfortable with culturally."
"Very frank discussions"
"He challenged the comfort zone - shook people up."
"Outstanding, dynamic speaker"
"This was the "magic bullet" I have been looking for."
“I initially didn’t understand or comprehend the notion of power. Ron gave us a different lens to not just view our career, but the world.”
“The session gave me the confidence and courage to push ahead and overcome my deepest fears.”
“This was an insightful journey in breaking conventional and negative perceptions of leveraging Power to advance the corporate ladder.”

Seminar Leader

For over 30 years, Dr. Ron Brown has worked with C.E.O.s and senior executives and has conducted leadership development and training seminars for more than 95,000 leaders and managers. President of Banks Brown, a management consulting firm based in San Francisco, he is a leading expert and innovator in the field of global diversity, equity and inclusion, and leadership development. Working with numerous Fortune 100 corporations, he has served as a strategic consultant to companies such as Procter & Gamble, McDonald's, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Eastman Kodak, Arthur Andersen, General Mills, Shell Oil, and Reebok International.


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