We believe that harnessing the power of diverse strengths of leaders is vital to the long-term business success of American and global enterprise.

Executive Coaching

Banks Brown provides Executive Coaching to support and improve the strengths of great leaders and high-potential leaders around the world. For over twenty-eight years, we have worked with clients from a broad range of blue chip U.S. and global companies. Our expert coaching is derived from a broad portfolio of business savvy, organizational experience, and knowledge of human behavior to guide leaders to achieve their personal and professional goals.

Working collaboratively, we structure and develop quality relationships aimed at building the capabilities of a valued leader to handle broader and deeper executive responsibilities. Our coaching process is a focused, objective and dedicated effort to optimize the overall power and effectiveness of our individual clients.


Executive Coaching is a personalized one-on-one process designed to help leaders to attain and refine the critical knowledge and skills needed to improve their performance.

In a relationship based on confidentiality and trust, a leader can gain objective feedback, examine personal and organizational dynamics, and discuss relevant issues and needs. Over periods of three, six or twelve months, our coaching process involves:


We conduct an intensive evaluation of the individual’s immediate and next level challenges, opportunities and needs. Data may be derived from past and present performance appraisals, 360° surveys, individual interviews, and available diagnostic instruments. We review data about the executive’s particular business unit and its relevant internal and external interfaces. We also assess the leadership and management requirements as well as the strategic interests of the organization.

Coaching Strategy:

An initial face-to-face coaching consultation is a key element for the development of an effective coaching partnership. In person, or virtual via Zoom, Webex, Facetime, Skype, etc., we work closely with our client, to set coaching goals and develop a concrete, reality-based plan of action aimed at enhancing their performance and broad career goals

On Going Support:

Based on an agreed upon coaching plan, we determine an implementation strategy which may include face to face meetings, telephone conferences, designated interviews, direct observation of leadership activities, and frequent progress reviews. Our coaching process is structured to ensure ongoing guidance, positive reinforcement and accountability.


By providing direct, practical and “real-world” guidance, we enable leaders to capitalize on their core strengths and develop new executive disciplines. We help individuals to define and meet leadership objectives that will:

  • Strengthen abilities to lead dynamic and complex organizations.
  • Improve skills to deliver credible and high quality leadership communication.
  • Increase awareness and grasp of changing political realities.
  • Build understanding of cultural and gender strengths and liabilities.
  • Expand self-awareness of leadership impact throughout the organization.
  • Optimize the quality and productivity of working relationships.
  • Improve methods for team effectiveness and the management of conflict.
  • Expand personal capabilities by altering outdated assumptions and habits.
  • Increase personal and career satisfaction.
  • Manage the balance between personal and career demands.

Banks Brown provides coaching opportunities to meet the needs of leaders at every level. We work with experienced executives who make complex business decisions in dynamic organizations. We guide and support high potential leaders who seek to improve all aspects of their leadership skills- personal, interpersonal and organizational. On a case-by-case basis, we work with “challenged” executives who must address ineffective patterns of behavior.

Banks Brown is a valued resource for the development and support of today’s executives and tomorrow’s leaders. In a global environment of increasing and changing business demands, we are dedicated to helping executives and leaders attain their peak personal and organizational performance.


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